Witmer Restoration
Witmer Restoration

Witmer Restoration Masonry

Whether working with brick, stone, or terra cotta, Witmer Masonry, Inc. is committed to preserving the historical and architectural integrity of every building we work with. Our masonry restoration specialists can safely cut out, repair, and restore all types of deteriorating masonry. We specialize in returning old masonry buildings to their original splendor.

Our masonry restoration services include:

  • Restoration of brick, stone, terra cotta, and architectural cast stone
  • Cleaning of all concrete, masonry, and dryvit surfaces
  • Resetting and repair of dimensional stonework
  • Maintenance and preservation of concrete and masonry building elements
  • Masonry staining and coloring
  • Anchoring and stabilization of building facades
  • Structural repair of masonry and concrete
  • Repair of, and coatings for, concrete decks
  • Investigation and repair of moisture infiltration problems
  • Consultation of Rehabilitation and Adaptive Reuse of masonry structures

For more information on our masonry restoration capabilities and services, please e-mail or call us at 717.653.1428.